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Trends in Pot
Who would have imagined that there would come a day where individuals would be purchasing a plant from the comfort of their office desks while sipping a cup of coffee. Passing an era where the only way people could purchase plants was by physically visiting a nursery, choosing plants potted in heavy pots and luring [...]
The monsoon season has arrived across India. Though this is the best season for potting and planting as low temperatures and humid climate help in inducing the roots to grow, the onset of monsoon brings about a huge change in the climate from hot to humid to breezy and cold in various parts of India. [...]
A year of Floral Bliss
With continuous development in plant bio-technology, transportation and marketing strategies, floriculture has reached great heights with exports witnessing a sizeable 10% growth in a span of one year from 2017 to 2018. Also, due to the current political, social and environmental unrest prevailing across the globe, the millennials are looking to escape the turmoil by [...]
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