Crop Selection

Crop Selection & Land Suitability

We advise the grower to select the suitable crop based on the climate and soil conditions. We also provide variety selection for the respective crop based on local market demand.

Pre-planting Inspection

This according to us, is the most important stage in any project. We ensure that all basic requirements like bed preparations, polyhouse construction etc are as per the needs of the project.
Technical Guidance

Technical Guidance

Our technical advisors with years of experience ensure that the project is going in the right direction by making regular visits to the growers’ farm. They are available for technical assistance through out the project.

Post-harvest Advisory

We help the growers with all post harvest requirements. Based on the market feedback, we guide them with harvesting time, packaging methods etc to ensure minimal to no damage during transport. Our efforts are towards providing economical solutions to our growers.

Market Connect

To help the customers sell their produce with ease and get the best prices, we provide them with links to genuine traders/buyers. Our experience in the industry has provided us with a good database of flower traders, wholesalers, buyers etc.
Pest Control

Diagnosis & Control of Pests & Diseases

Florance Flora puts great efforts into R&D. A result of this is a detailed knowledge bank on various control measures for pests and diseases commonly seen in this field. We continually communicate with various chemical manufacturers and conduct trials of their products.This information is then passed on to our customers to ensure minimal damage at [...]

Training Growers & their Staff

We provide growers with training in the areas of pest management, harvesting methods,suitable packaging etc. Our efforts have always been directed towards the welfare of our growers.
Turn Key

Turn-key Projects

For many years we have been undertaking government turn key projects in the sector of floriculture where we provide end-to- end solutions. Decades of experience in floriculture and strong associations with overseas suppliers enables us to provide the best services and training to local farmers and in turn enabling them to reap benefits.
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