Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Here are answers to a few questions we get asked often!

What crop is advisable?

The type of crop depends on various factors like climate data, altitude and water quality. Looking into these details, we recommend the appropriate crop.

How many plants can be grown per sq. m.?

This varies from crop to crop. You can view our cultivation guide section for further information.

What expertise do you provide?

We guide you through the entire process of cultivation. From crop selection to technical guidance during pre and post harvest.

Why should I invest in floriculture?

It is one of the most upcoming sectors in India. The demand for fresh flowers is growing exponentially in India. Also, the floriculture sector gets assistance from the government making the scope of business tremendous.

What kind of services do you provide?

Please visit our Services section to learn more.

Do you have a buyback offer?

We don’t offer buy back services. The flower market in India is vast and the produce can be sold in different cities directly.

What is your replacement policy?

We consider replacement within a month of planting provided the customer follows our technical advice.

What is the growing mixture you use?

Normally we recommend a well drained media to avoid water logging. The growing mixture for every crop would be different. Please refer our Cultivation Guides for further information.

How much time will it take for flowering to begin?

It varies from crop to crop. However, average time is around 3 months. Please refer our Cultivation Guides for further information.

What assistance can I get to sell my harvest?

We assist you by giving contacts of leading wholesale agents with whom one can get in touch directly.

Are these varieties available with other companies as well?

No, our varieties are exclusive as we are very strict with quality and performance.

How often are new varieties introduced?

We provide trials by selecting growers and then take observations and feedback. Sometimes, we select only 1 or 2 from 30 varieties which will best suit the concerned climate and land/soil.

What is the liability in case of damages during transport?

We do not take responsibility on transport damages. The customer is free to choose their mode of transport. Our packaging ensures minimal to no damage.

What kind of customer support you offer?

We provide end-to-end customer support. This would include variety  guidance, connecting with our closest sales team member, immediate technical assistance etc.

Need More?

If you need further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

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