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Best Nursery
Florance Flora was awarded the ‘Best Nursery in large nursery category’ 2018 award. The Indian Nurserymen Association (INA), a non – profit organization formed by Late Shri. Arjun Dass Agarwal , conducted its Annual General Body Meeting & Elections 2018 on 23rd September 2018 in Chennai. The meet was attended by 400 – 500 nurserymen [...]
Look who was Featured
‘Flowering the World’ is the aim towards which Florance Flora has been working and we have largely been growing our market through the supply of young plants and potted plants across India as well as overseas. We are proud to have been recently featured in one of the leading websites’ in the international floriculture industry [...]
Trends in Pot
Who would have imagined that there would come a day where individuals would be purchasing a plant from the comfort of their office desks while sipping a cup of coffee. Passing an era where the only way people could purchase plants was by physically visiting a nursery, choosing plants potted in heavy pots and luring [...]
New Young Plant
We have been working extremely hard since the past few months in order to prepare and reveal our new catalogue and are proud to present to you the most comprehensive catalogue for young plants for the year 2019 – 2020. The catalogue consists of 40 pages showcasing about 70 product varieties. Our new catalogue includes [...]
Independence Day
This year, on 15th of August we celebrate our 72nd Independence Day with pride. On this day, we Indians start feeling patriotic and emotional remembering the struggle that our freedom fighters went through to attain freedom. People from every nook and cranny irrespective of their ethnicities, religion or caste come together to celebrate this day. [...]
The monsoon season has arrived across India. Though this is the best season for potting and planting as low temperatures and humid climate help in inducing the roots to grow, the onset of monsoon brings about a huge change in the climate from hot to humid to breezy and cold in various parts of India. [...]
Potted Plants
Florance Flora has tied - up with Ramesh Flowers for supply of various pot plants to the multi-national giant and we have set up a nursery and farm in Hassan where we shall produce and nurture these pot plants including ornamental plants. In future, we also plan to extend the supply to include other varieties [...]
Cut flowers are globally known to be one of the best cash crops because they are easy to grow and provide a good income during the growing season. There are some common features that people consider while deciding upon which cut flowers to grow. They include flowers that are: Beautiful Relatively low maintenance Easy to [...]
A year of Floral Bliss
With continuous development in plant bio-technology, transportation and marketing strategies, floriculture has reached great heights with exports witnessing a sizeable 10% growth in a span of one year from 2017 to 2018. Also, due to the current political, social and environmental unrest prevailing across the globe, the millennials are looking to escape the turmoil by [...]
Indian Nurserymen Association Meeting in Bangalore
The Annual general meeting of Indian Nurserymen Association was held on August 13th, 2016 at Bangalore. The programme was well attended by the senior nurserymen from all parts of India. The important feature of the programme was the felicitation of nurserymen for their long life contribution to the sector, with the title of Lifetime Achievement [...]
Showcase of Products
The National Horticulture Board of India (NHB) organised an exhibition in Delhi where exhibitors from all over the country were present. Various crops were showcased at the stalls. NHB provides many such platforms to encourage and promote horticulture besides providing subsidies to growers. We (Florance Flora) had also exhibited our products at our stall. A [...]
Floral Arrangement
Florance Flora, along with its Dutch supplier, Anthura BV, participated in the Lalbagh Flower Show which was held from 20-29th January, 2012 in the Glass House, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore. The show is held annually as part of the Republic Day celebrations. This year it also celebrated its 100th year since the show started. The demonstrations [...]
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